Original London Cast

Scrooge, Original London Cast
CDJAY 1272
CD1: 66'21''

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Book, Music and Lyrics by

Adapted form CHARLES DICKENS' 'A Christmas Carol'

Orchestrations by

Anthony Newley
Stratford Johns
Tom Watt

Jon Pertwee

Conducted by Stuart Padlar

Originally written for the screen, Leslie Bricusse adapted his screenplay, music and lyrics for this stage version. The heart warming story of how the miserly Scrooge was shown the error of his ways by his deceased partner Jacob Marley, and the three Christmas ghosts who persuade him to turn over a new leaf, is brilliantly supplemented by this wonderful score. Favourite songs that were established by the film are now given a new Digital Dolby Surround interpretation. The Coldstream Guards beloved marching song THANK YOU VERY MUCH has never sounded more exciting and uplifting. The opening number A CHRISTMAS CAROL has never been more joyful. I’LL BEGIN AGAIN was never more stirring than as sung by Anthony Newley. Leslie Bricusse has also written a sensational new song A BETTER LIFE, to challenge his own WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I?.

CD 1
  1. A Christmas Carol
  2. I Hate Christmas
    Anthony Newley
  3. No Better Life
    Anthony Newley
  4. Christmas Children
    Tom Watt, Tanya Cooke, Jerome Wallington
  5. I Hate Christmas (Reprise)
    Anthony Newley
  6. Father Christmas
  7. Make The Most Of This World
    John Pertwee, Men
  8. It's Not My Fault
    Anthony Newley
  9. December The Twenty Fifth
    David Oakley, Sally Mates, Company
  10. Happiness
    Anthony Newley, George Asprey, Joanne Heywood
  11. You...You
    Anthony Newley, George Asprey
  12. It's Not My Fault (Reprise)
    Anthony Newley
  13. I Like Life
    Stratford Johns, Anthony Newley, Company
  14. Entr'acte
  15. Good Times
    Tom Watt, Tanya Cooke, Jerome Wallington, James Edge, Elizabeth McTernan, Donna Bosworth, Sally Mates
  16. The Beautiful Day
    Jerome Wallington, Tom Watt, Tanya Cooke, Sally Mates, James Edge, Elizabeth McTernan, Donna Bosworth
  17. The Minister's Cat
    Lorinda King, Company
  18. A Better Life
    Anthony Newley
  19. Thank You Very Much
    James Head, Anthony Newley, Company
  20. I'll Begin Again
    Anthony Newley
  21. Finale
  22. A Better Life (Popular version)
    Anthony Newley
  23. I'll Begin Again (Popular version)
    Anthony Newley