Original Cast Recording (Chichester Theatre)

Pickwick, Original Cast Recording (Chichester Theatre)

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This highly successful stage adaptation of the Posthumous Papers Of The Pickwick Club by the Internationally known, literary great, Charles Dickens, was also a career highpoint for Leslie Bricusse, wherein his lyrics are accompanied by the book of Wolf Mankowitz and the music of Cyril Ornadel. These conjoined talents, and those of an all star cast including Harry Seacombe, Ruth Madoc (Hi-De-Hi), Glyn Houston and the late Roy Castle, gave the Chichester Festival it’s all time most successful production, when the piece was revived in 1993.

30 years earlier, the show had made Sir Harry Seacombe a household name when it became the must see show of the West End, giving him his biggest hit and a song that remained associated with him for the rest of his life – If I Ruled The World.

The show remains much loved by the general public and was sadly to be the swan song of two of Britain’s much loved talents Sir Harry Seacombe and Roy Castle

CD 1
  1. Prologue
    Peter Land
  2. Business Is Booming
    Peter Ledbury, Katy Seacombe, Adrian Edmeades, Michael G Jones, Crispin Harris, John Berlyne
  3. Debtor's Lament
  4. Talk
    David Cardy, Company
  5. That's What I'd Like For Christmas
    Harry Seacombe, Company
  6. The Pickwickians
    Harry Seacombe, Peter Land, Kevin A J Ranson, Robert Meadmore, Louise Tomkins, Alexandra Bastedo, Jacqui Jameson
  7. A Bit Of Character
    Michael Howe, Pickwickians
  8. Quadrille
  9. There's Something About You
    Peter Land, Kevin A J Ranson, Michael Howe, Alexandra Bastedo, Company
  10. Learn A Little Something
    David Cardy, Alexandra Worrall
  11. You've Never Met A Feller Like Me
    Harry Seacombe, David Cardy
  12. Look Into Your Heart
    Harry Seacombe, Ruth Madoc
  13. March
  14. The Duel
    Peter Land, Robert Meadmore, John Berlyne
  15. Winter Waltz
  16. A Hell Of An Election
  17. Very
    Michael Howe
  18. If I Ruled The World
    Harry Seacombe, Company
  19. The Trouble With Women
    Roy Castle, David Cardy
  20. The Letter Of The Law
    John Berlyne, Adrian Edmeades, Pickwickians, Clerks
  21. British Justice
    Harry Seacombe, Company
  22. Do As You Would Be Done By
    Harry Seacombe, David Cardy, Ruth Madoc, Company
  23. The Pickwickians (Reprise)
    Company, Pickwickians
  24. If I Ruled The World (Reprise)
    Harry Seacombe, Company