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Music Director
Mark Hartman

Jamie McGonnigal

Live complete recording of TheYork Theater's benefit performance feturing the current crop of Broadways stars, both in performance and composing. The 2 CD set takes you through all the emotions of Broadway from wonderful new balads to the extreme comedy of songs such as 'The Sensitive Song'.

CD 1
  1. Opening Act One
    Bryan Batt
  2. God Bless These Boys (from Mother B)
    Judy Kaye
  3. Intro 1
    Bryan Batt
  4. Spring Cleaning
    Nicole van Giesen
  5. Intro 2
    Bryan Batt
  6. I Can't Walk On
    Randy Redd
  7. Intro 3
    Bryan Batt
  8. Love Is Not A Science (from Eintein's Dream)
    David Pittu, Tom Beckett
  9. Intro 4
    Bryan Batt
  10. I'm Not Upset (from Chasing Nicolette)
    Phillip Basco, Joe Plummer
  11. Intro 5
    Bryan Batt
  12. A Normal Life (from The Opposite Of Sex)
    Matthew Morrison
  13. Intro 6
    Bryan Batt
  14. Richard (from Rules Optional)
    Barbara Walsh
  15. Intro 7
    Bryan Batt
  16. The Ocean (from People Like Us)
    Matt Bogart, Pamela Bob
  17. Intro 8
    Bryan Batt
  18. He's Got Designs On Me (from Dial M For Model)
    John Epperson
  19. Intro 9
    Bryan Batt
  20. Inside Your Heart (from Bat Boy)
    Devon May, Kevin Butler
  21. Intro 10
    Bryan Batt
  22. For No Apparent Reason (from Room To Grow)
    Kate Shindle
  23. Intro 11
    Bryan Batt
  24. Any Day (from The Three Muskateers)
    Kerry Butler, Laura Bell Bundy
  25. End Of Act One
    Bryan Batt
CD 2
  1. Opening Act Two
    Bryan Batt
  2. Way Ahead Of My Time (from The Taxi Cabaret)
    Bryan Batt
  3. Intro 12
    Bryan Batt
  4. Slinky Dress / Grumpy Mood (from Adrift In Macau)
    Kaitlin Hopkins, James Barbour
  5. Intro 13
    Bryan Batt
  6. Say Hello (from The Lady In Penthouse B)
    Christiane Noll
  7. Intro 14
    Bryan Batt
  8. Be With Me (from Like You Like It)
    Matt Cavenaugh
  9. Intro 15
    Bryan Batt
  10. My Desert Island All Time Top 5 Breakups (from High Fidelity)
    Mario Cantone
  11. Intro 16
    Bryan Batt
  12. Know My Heart (from Belief)
    Max von Essen
  13. Intro 17
    Bryan Batt
  14. Parsley
    Stephen De Rosa
  15. Intro 18
    Bryan Batt
  16. Field Flowers (based on text by Thomas Campbell)
    Darius DeHaas
  17. Intro 19
    Bryan Batt
  18. The Sensitive Song (from Cops)
    Devon May
  19. Intro 20
    Bryan Batt
  20. Leading Man (from Joe)
    Laura Benanti
  21. Intro 21
    Bryan Batt
  22. Full Steam Ahead (from Dance With Me)
    Tonya Pinkins
  23. Closing Act Two
    Bryan Batt