The York Theater Production Company

Lingoland, The York Theater Production Company
CDJAY2 1395
CD1: 42'44''
CD2: 65'56''

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The York Theatre


Words by
Kenward Elmslie

Music by
Claibe RichardsonJack BeesonKenward Elmslie, Marvin Fischer
Andrew Gerle, Doug Katsoros, Thomas Pasatieri, Ned Rorem, Steven Taylor

Jane Boodle, Jason Dula, Matt Castle,
Jeanne Lehman, Lauren Shealy, Steve Routman
Kenward Elmslie


Theater 101 - John Kenrick

Genuine treasures are on display at the York Theatre Company! Lingoland  is a collection of theatrical jewels; songs, poems and dialogs that have been cut and polished to multi-faceted brilliance so that they warm the heart and please the eye from every angle. This is the kind of soulful fare that is all too rarely seen these days -- so it is all the sweeter to savor. With two or three new shows a year as good as this, the American musical theatre would be in mighty fine shape indeed.

……… If you can't catch this show during its limited New York run, then treat yourself to the original cast CD that is set to come out later this year on Jay Records. Coming on the triumphant heels of Musical of Musicals and Souvenir, Lingoland proves (as if further proof were needed!) that the York Theatre Company is the strongest source for outstanding new musical theatre today.

CD 1
  1. Opening (from The Grass Harp)
    Kenward Elmslie, Claibe Richardson
  2. Lingoland
    Company, Doug Katsaros
  3. Musicals In My Head
  4. Them As Has Gits
    Jason Dula, Steve Routman, Claibe Richardson
  5. The Middle Of Nowhere (from Postcards On Parade)
    Jeanne Lehman, Jane Bodle, Lauren Shealy, Steven Taylor
  6. Touche's Salon
  7. Take Me Away, Roy Rogers (from Postcards On Parade)
    Kenward Elmslie, Men
  8. Bar Poems
    Steve Routman, Jane Bodle, Jeanne Lehman, Kenward Elmslie
  9. Kaleidoscope I
    Jason Dula, Jeanne Lehman
  10. Memories (from Miss Julie)
    Jane Bodle, Ned Rorem
  11. Bare Bones I
  12. Love Song (from The Sweet Bye And Bye)
    Matt Castle, Company, Jack Beeson
  13. Harvest Parlour Game (from Lizzie Borden)
    Company, Jack Beeson
  14. Tree House Scene (from The Grass Harp)
    Jason Dula, Steve Routman
  15. Chain Of Love (from The Grass Harp)
    Jeanne Lehman, Claibe Richardson
  16. Original Parkway (from 26 Bars)
    Steve Routman, Girls, Doug Katsaros
  17. Lifeshine Ark I (from The Sweet Bye And Bye)
    Lauren Shealy, Jeanne Lehman, Jane Bodle, Jack Beeson
  18. Bare Bones II
  19. Cool, Cool Elbow (cut from The Grass Harp) / Sleep On Seven Flowers (from Miss Julie)
    Jane Bodle, Lauren Shealy, Jason Dula, Claibe Richardson, Ned Rorem
  20. Kaleidoscope 2
  21. The Oval Office
  22. Brazil
    Company, Claibe Richardson
CD 2
  1. A Telephone Call
  2. Girl Machine
    Company, Steven Taylor
  3. Vaudeville For Jean Harlow
    Lauren Shealy, Andrew Gerle
  4. Bare Bones III
  5. Who'll Prop Me Up In The Rain
    Steve Routman, Company, Kenward Elmslie
  6. Lifeshine Ark II (from The Sweet Bye And Bye)
    Jeanne Lehman, Lauren Shealy, Jane Bodle
  7. Floozies (from The Grass Harp)
    Jason Dula, Claibe Richardson
  8. One Night Stand
    Jane Bodle, Claibe Richardson
  9. Top O'Silo (from 26 Bars)
    Jeanne Lehman, Steve Routman
  10. They
    Kenward Elmslie, Claibe Richardson
  11. Yoofry / Air
    Steve Routman, Jane Bodle, Claibe Richardson
  12. Marry With Me (from The Grass Harp)
    Lauren Shealy, Claibe Richardson
  13. Kaleidoscope 3
  14. Three Vermont Haikus / September / October / Harold Benched
    Jeanne Lehman, Lauren Shealy, Kenward Elmslie
  15. Dark Night Of My Soul (The Grass Harp)
    Jason Dula, Claibe Richardson
  16. Bare Bones IV
  17. Staring (from Lola)
    Jane Bodle, Jeanne Lehman, Lauren Shealy
  18. Beauty Secrets (from Lola)
    Jeanne Lehman, Claibe Richardson
  19. Love-Wise Anecdote
    Kenward Elmslie
  20. Yoofry / Love-Wise
    Steve Routman, Lauren Shealy, Claibe Richardson, Marvin Fisher
  21. Routine Disruption
  22. Together Forever (from The Seagull)
    Jason Dula, Jane Bodle, Jeanne Lehman, Lauren Shealy, Thomas Pasatieri
  23. Kaleidoscope 4
    Company, Claibe Richardson
  24. If There's Love Enough (from The Grass Harp)
    Company, Claibe Richardson
  25. Wrap Up
  26. Bows /Exit Music
    Matt Castle, Claibe Richardson
  27. Cheeky Kiki (from Postcards On Parade)
    Lauren Shealy, Company
  28. Culture
    Jeanne Lehman, Stephen Dolginoff
  29. Hoedown For Fat Adele
    Steve Routman, Lauren Shealy, Joshua Rosenblum
  30. Sneaky Pete
    Kenward Elmslie
  31. Staying In / The Palace Of Pleasure (from Lola)
    Company, Claibe Richardson
  32. White Attic
  33. Dark Night Of My Soul (from The Grass Harp)
    Jason Dula, Claibe Richardson