A Little Night Music [DigiMix] 2019

DigiMix Remaster 2019

A Little Night Music [DigiMix] 2019, DigiMix Remaster 2019
DDJAY 8034
CD1: 70'45''

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DigiMix A Little Night Music

Finally, after years of working on finding a way to Digitally ReMix two tracks Master recordings, JAY and its team of Engineers have pioneered a system to successfully Digitally ReMix from existing two track Master Recordings.  This is completely different from the process of just transferring the two track Master Recordings Digitally on to CDs or Downloads.   We at JAY are actually ReMixing the voices and the orchestra of those two track Master recordings using our exciting and exclusive DigiMIX system.

Music and Lyrics by

Stephen Sondheim

Book by
Hugh Weeler

Suggested by a film by
Ingmar Bergman

Arranged and conducted by
John Owen-Edwards

Sian Phillips
Eric Flynn
Elisabeth Welch
Janis Kelly
Jason Howard
Maria Friedman
Susan Hampshire
Bonaventura Bottone


Part dream, part fairy tale, "A Little Night Music" tells a bittersweet tale of love and regret. With penetrating witty lyrics and a ravishing score composed almost entirely in ¾ beat, the great Stephen Sondheim breathed new life into operetta. He and his producer/director Harold Prince took the form into a provoking social and political context. In probing beneath the surface to expose the vulnerability of a group of diverse characters on a roundabout of love they gave the world it’s first adult operetta. It has charmed and provoked audiences wherever it has played ever since.

Hit songs include: Send In The Clowns, Night Waltz, The Miller's Son. 

Below is the recording video at Abbey Road Studios which has been re-dubbed with the wonderful new DigiMix remaster.  

Enjoy "Send In The Clowns (reprise / Finale)"

CD 1
  1. Overture
    Orchestra, Quintet
  2. Night Waltz
    Orchestra, Quintet
  3. Now
    Janis Kelly, Eric Flynn
  4. Later
    Bonaventura Bottone
  5. Soon
    Janis Kelly ,Bonaventura Bottone
  6. The Glamorous Wife
    Megan KellySian Phillips,Elisabeth Welch, Quintet
  7. Remember
  8. You Must Meet My Wife
    Eric Flynn, Sian Phillips
  9. Liasons
    Elisabeth Welch
  10. In Praise of Women
    Jason Howard
  11. Every Day A Little Death
    Susan Hampshire, Janis Kelly
  12. A Weekend In The Country
    Maria Freedman, Janis Kelly, Susan Hampshire, Jason Howard, Quintet
  13. Night Waltz (The Sun Won't Set)
  14. Night Waltz (Liebeslieders)
  15. It Would Have Been Wonderful
    Megan KellyJason Howard
  16. Perpetual Anticipation
    Ladies Trio
  17. Send In The Clowns
    Sian Phillips
  18. The Miller's Son
    Maria Freedman
  19. Send In The Clowns (Reprise)
    Sian PhillipsMegan Kelly
  20. Last Waltz