Yours Anne

Original Cast

Yours Anne, Original Cast
CDJAY 1391
CD1: 60'12''

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CD 1
  1. Dear Kitty (I Am Thirteen Years Old)
    Trini Alvarado
  2. Schlaf
    Dana Zeller-Alexis
  3. She Doesn't Understand Me
    Trini Alvarado, Dana Zeller-Alexis
  4. Dear Kitty (In The Night)
    Trini Alvarado
  5. They Don't Have To
  6. Hollywood
    Trini Alvarado
  7. Dear Kitty (I Have A Nicer Side)
    Trini Alvarado
  8. We Live With Fear
  9. A Writer
    George Guidall, Trini Alvarado
  10. I'm Not A Jew
    David Cady, Trini Alvarado
  11. The First Chanukah Night
  12. Dear Kitty (It's A New Year) / We're Here
    Trini Alvarado, Company
  13. My Wife
    Merwin Goldsmith, George Guidall, Hal Robinson, Betty Aberlin
  14. Dear Kitty (I Am Longing)
    Trini Alvarado
  15. I Remember
  16. I Think Myself Out
    Trini Alvarado, David Cady
  17. Nightmare
    Trini Alvarado
  18. For The Children
    Dana Zeller-Alexis, George Guidall
  19. Something To Get Up For
    Ann Talman
  20. When We Are Free
  21. Dear Kitty (I Still Believe)
    Trini Alvarado