Thomas And The King

Original London Cast (Principals)

Thomas And The King, Original London Cast (Principals)

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Music by
John Williams

Lyrics by
James Harbert

Book by
Edward Anhalt

Conducted by
Ian Macpherson

Orchestratations by
Herbert Spencer

Just before the score of ‘JAWS’ went on to win an Oscar for best score and the movie was nominated for best picture, John Williams wrote his one and only stage musical, THOMAS AND THE KING, based on the life of Thomas Beckett.

This cast album (principal members) was recorded a few years after it West End production and various original stars came back to the studios for it’s production.

The orchestrator for this musical score was Herbert Spencer, who has carried on his collaboration with John Williams on most of his great classic movie scores right up to the present day.

Completely re-mixed and re-mastered into Digital Dolby Surround Sound, this first CD release of the recording will perfectly compliment all other CD releases of John Williams film scores.

CD 1
  1. Processional
  2. Look Around You
    James Smilie, Lewis Fiander, Chorus
  3. Am I Beautiful
    Caroline Villiers
  4. Man Of Love
    James Smilie
  5. The Question
    Lewis Fiander, James Smilie
  6. What Choice Have I?
    Caroline Villiers, Lewis Fiander
  7. We Shall Do I!
    James Smilie, Lewis Fiander, Company
  8. Improbable As Spring
    James Smilie
  9. Power
    Dilys Hamlett, Michael Sammes
  10. The Question (Reprise)
    Lewis Fiander
  11. Consecration
  12. 'Tis Love
    James Smilie, Caroline Villiers
  13. Sincerity
    Richard Day-Lewis, Tom Saffery
  14. The Test
    Lewis Fiander
  15. Replay The Game
    Caroline Villiers
  16. A New Way To Turn
    James Smilie, Dilys Hamlett, Caroline Villiers, Company
  17. Will No One Rid Me?
    James Smilie, Dilys Hamlett, Caroline Villiers, Company
  18. So Many Others Worlds (Finale)
    Jamies Smilie