The Merry Widow

Original Cast - The New Sadlers Wells Opera

The Merry Widow, Original Cast   -  The New Sadlers Wells Opera
CDJAY 1270
CD1: 60'44''

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Music by

Original Book and Lyrics by

New English Book and Lyrics by

Eiddwin Harrhy
Alan Oke
Helen Kucharek
Glenn Winslade

New Sadlers Wells Opera Conducted by Barry Wordsworth

Released this month (November 97) are the next two recordings from JAY of the operettas series of recordings with the New Sadlers Wells Opera, The Merry Widow and The Count Of Luxembourg by Franz Lehar. These two albums, recorded in Digital, include in the casts such artists as Marilyn Hill Smith, Eiddwen Harrhy, Ramon Remedios, Neil Jenkins and Joan Davies.

When The New Sadlers Wells Opera previewed their new production of The Merry Widow in a new English translation by Nigel Douglas, it was an instant hit. Therefore it is befitting that JAY should have recorded the original cast of that production as part of it's operettas in English, the others being; The Count Of Luxembourg, The Countess Maritza and Orpheus In The Underworld (coming soon).

This recording stars Opera Diva Eiddwin Harrhy as Hanna Glawari. All the worlds favourite music is here given new English translation; Words Forbidden, Just As The Sun Awakens, Vilja and Off To Old Maxims.

CD 1
  1. Opening Act One
    Mark Curtis, Company
  2. Alone At Last
    Helen Kucharek, Glenn Winslade
  3. Well, My Gallant Friends (Hanna's Entrance)
    Eiddwen Harrhy, Mark Curtis, Men Chorus, Paul Parfitt
  4. O Fatherland, I Must Protest / Off To Old Maxim's
    Alan Oke
  5. Finale Act One
    Eiddwen Harrhy, Alan Oke, Helen Kucharek, Glenn Winslade, Paul Parfitt, Mark Curtis, Company
  6. Opening Act Two / Dance / Vilja
    Eiddwen Harrhy
  7. Maiden Look, A Soldier Boy
    Eiddwen Harrhy, Alan Oke
  8. Oh, The Women!
    Alan Oke, Julian Moyle, Mark Curtis, Leon Berger, Janine Roebuck, Una Buchanan, Ian Comboy
  9. Just As The Sun Awakens
    Glenn Winslade, Helen Kucharek
  10. Finale Act Two
  11. Cake Walk
    New Sadler's Wells Opera Orchestra
  12. Grisette's Song
    Helen Kucharek, Company
  13. Words Forbidden
    Eiddwen Harrhy, Alan Oke
  14. Finale Act Three