The Cradle Will Rock

Original 1985 Cast Recording

The Cradle Will Rock, Original 1985 Cast Recording
CDJAY 1300

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Book Music and Lyrics by
Marc Blitzstein

Directed by
John Houseman

Produced by
Margot Harley

JAY Records presents the US domestic release of Marc Blitzstein's THE CRADLE WILL ROCK. Starring John Houseman and the inimitable Patti LuPone this complete digital stereo recording of Blitzstein's brilliant, satirical work will reinstate the score to the modern public. Set in the fictitious 'Steeltown USA', amid labour struggles of the time, the show set itself up for a confrontation with the American administration during the Communist 'witch-hunt'. Included as a bonus CD for a limited period is an introduction by John Houseman which describes the happenings of the time; a fascinating addition to this release which makes it all the more collectable.

CD 1
  1. Moll's Song
    Patti LuPone
  2. Moll And Gent
    Patti LuPone, Anderson Matthews, Henry Stram
  3. I'll Show You Guys
    Patti LuPone, Casey Biggs
  4. Richard Speaking
    Henry Stram, Men
  5. Come To The Rescue
  6. Solicitin'
    Patti LuPone, Dennis Bacigalupi
  7. Hey Virgil
    Patti LuPone, Men
  8. Oh What A Filthy Night Court
  9. Hard Times / The Sermon
    Mary Lou Rosato, David Schramm, Norman Snow, Company
  10. Order In The Court Room
    Anderson Matthews, Men
  11. Croon Spoon
    Patti LuPone, Henry Stram
  12. Do We Disturb?
    Patti LuPone, Henry Stram, Men
  13. The Freedom Of The Press
    David Schramm, Anderson Matthews, Men
  14. Let's Do Something
    Patti LuPone, Henry Stram
  15. Honolulu
    Patti LuPone, Anderson Matthews, Henry Stram, David Schramm
  16. Order In The Court Room
    Casey Biggs, Dennis Bacigalupi, Men
  17. Drugstore
    Dennis Bacigalupi, Daniel Corcoran
  18. Summer Weather
    Dennis Bacigalupi, Daniel Corcoran
  19. Dialogue
    Dennis Gacigalupi, Daniel Corcoran, Brooks Baldwin, Casey Biggs, Leslie Geraci
  20. Love Duet (Gus and Sadie)
    Casey Biggs, Leslie Geraci
  21. Don't Let Me Keep You
    Randle Mell, Brooks Baldwin
  22. Ask Us Again
    Mary Lou Rosato, Randle Mell, Brooks Baldwin
  23. Art For Art's Sake
    Randle Mell, Brooks Baldwin, Mary Lou Rosato
  24. The Nickel Under Your Foot
    Patti LuPone
  25. Which Of You Guys?
    Randle Mell, Men, Patti LuPone
  26. The Cradle Will Rock
    Randle Mell
  27. The Cradle Will Rock (Speech)
    Randle Mell, Patti LuPone, Men
  28. Order In The Courtroom
    Casey Biggs, Men, Jack Kenny
  29. Faculty Room
    David Schramm, Jack Kenny, Brooks Baldwin, Norman Snow
  30. It's Not Going To Hurt
    David Schramm, Charles Shaw-Robinson
  31. Ella's Entrance
    Michele-Denise Woods, Charles Shaw-Robinson
  32. Joe Worker
    Michele-Denise Woods, Company
  33. Final Scene
    Patti LuPone, Company