Sherlock Holmes

Original TV Soundtrack (Granada TV Series)

Sherlock Holmes, Original TV Soundtrack (Granada TV Series)
CDJAY 1334
CD1: 56'05''

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Music from 
The Granada TV series

Music Composed and Conducted by
Patrick Gowers

The Granada TV series of SHERLOCK HOLMES starring Jeremy Brett as Sherlock was one of the most successful series ever produced by Granada TV. The series is still being shown all over the world and the music from it is only available on this CD.

Patrick Gowers, the composer for the entire series adapted and expended his themes from THE SIGN OF FOUR, THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES and THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES to comprise the tracks featured on this CD.

He conducted The Wren Orchestra, The Gabrieli String Quartet and The St.Paul's Cathedral Choir specially for the recording which was made at The Abbey Road Studios in Digital.

The music is very evocative of the Sherlock Holmes series and should appeal to the thousands of fans of the TV series as well as fans of Sherlock Holmes.

CD 1
  1. 221B Baker Street (Opening Theme)
    Kenneth Sillito, Patrick Gowers
  2. Elsie Cubitt (The Dancing Men)
    Niel Black, Patrick Gowers
  3. Libera Me (The Priory School)
    Patrick Gowers
  4. North By Ten And Ten (The Musgrave Ritual)
    Patrick Gowers
  5. Old Sherman's Dog Toby (The Sign Of Four)
    Patrick Gowers
  6. Sutton's Nightmare (The Resident Patient)
    Patrick Gowers
  7. River Chase (The Sign Of Four)
    Patrick Gowers
  8. The Death Of Sherlock Holmes (The Final Problem)
    Kenneth Sillito, Patrick Gowers
  9. Irene Adler (A Scandal In Bohemia)
    Kenneth Sillito, Patrick Gowers
  10. Holmes In Europe (The Final Problem)
    Patrick Gowers
  11. John Hector McFarlane And His Mother (The Norwood Builder)
    Patrick Gowers
  12. Setting Out (The Prior School)
    Patrick Gowers
  13. Lucretia Venucci And Her Family (The Six Napoleons)
    Kennith Sillito, Patrick Gowers
  14. Mrs Henry Bakaders Christmas (The Blue Carbuncle)
    Patrick Gowers
  15. The Illustrious Lord Bellinger (The Second Stain)
    Patrick Gowers
  16. On The Trail (The Second Stain)
    Patrick Gowers
  17. Neville St. Clair Nostalgia (The Twisted Lip)
    Patrick Gowers
  18. The Bar Of Gold, Upper Swandham Lane (The Twisted Lip)
    Patrick Gowers
  19. Baker Street Reunion (The Empty House)
    Kennith Sillito, Patrick Gowers