Pull Both Ends

Original London Cast

Pull Both Ends, Original London Cast
DDJAY 7003

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CD 1
  1. Prelude (Every Morning)
    The Young Generation
  2. What About People
    The Young Generation
  3. After All (We're Women)
    Christine Holmes, Girls
  4. A Tiny Touch
    Christine Holmes, Gerry Marsden
  5. Particular Woman
    Christine Holmes, Judy Bowen, Susan Toogood
  6. Some Kind of Love
    Christine Holmes
  7. Decisions
    Gerry Marsden, Judy Bowen, Keith Smith, Miles Greenwood
  8. Put a Little Smile
    Company, Gerry Marsden
  9. Wallflowers
    Judy Bowen, Men, Susan Toogood
  10. If You Knew the Way I Feel
    Christine Holmes, Miles Greenwood
  11. Get the World to Dance
    The Young Generation
  12. Here Am I
    Christine Holmes
  13. Strike
  14. Little Leather Book
    Alyn Ainsworth, Anthony King, Christine Holmes, Gerry Marsden, John Schroeder
  15. There's Something About Her
    Miles Greenwood
  16. Oh, Joe
    Gerry Marsden, Susan Toogood
  17. Can This Be Love?
    Christine Holmes, Miles Greenwood
  18. We're Ready
    Christine Holmes, The Young Generation
  19. Pullin' Together