On The Boulevard - Liliane Montevecchi

On The Boulevard - Liliane Montevecchi
CDJAY 1286

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What is a Star?

So many opinions!
So many definitions!
The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that a Star is......

A celestial body
A heavenly body
A luminous point
A shell designed to burst in the air and light up (I have seen Ms. Montevecchi do just that!)
A brilliant and prominent person
A leading performer - now we are getting close.

These are all perfectly reasonable and accurate definitions but actually the Oxford could have said all of this in only two words:

                    LILIANE MONTEVECCHI

Now that's a STAR!

So, dear listener, throw away your dictionary and put on this CD - and let a star glitter and entertain you - my friend Liliane.

Have fun - I know you will, how could you not!

Mike Martin
April 1998

PS.  The only problem with this recording is that you will not see the stunning Montevecchi in person but this is the next best thing!  Listen on!  Maybe you will see her!

CD 1
  1. Paris Canaille
    Liliane Montevecchi, Leo Ferre
  2. Bruxelles
    Array, Liliane Montevecchi
  3. Dialogue:
    Dick Gallagher, John Yap, Liliane Montevecchi
  4. Le dernier Pierrot (Les temps)
    Liliane Montevecchi, Porte, Sevran
  5. I Never Do Anything Twice (from the 7% Solution)
    Liliane Montevecchi, Array
  6. Tico Tico
    Ervin Drake, Liliane Montevecchi, Array
  7. Les feuilles mortes (Autumn Leaves)
    Array, Array, Liliane Montevecchi
  8. Dialogue:
    Dick Gallagher, John Yap, Liliane Montevecchi
  9. La vie en rose
    Array, Liliane Montevecchi, Louis Louiguy
  10. My Man
    Albert Willemetz, Channing Pollock, Jacques Charles, Liliane Montevecchi, Maurice Yvain
  11. You Don't Know Paree (from Fifty Million Frenchmen) / I Love Paris (from Can Can)
    Array, Liliane Montevecchi
  12. Je cherche un millionnaire
    Array, Liliane Montevecchi, Array
  13. Dialogue:
    Dick Gallagher, John Yap, Liliane Montevecchi
  14. Just a Gigolo
    Irving Caesar, Julius Brammer, Array, Liliane Montevecchi
  15. Irma la Douce (from Irma la Douce)
    Alexandre Breffort, David Heneker, Julian More, Liliane Montevecchi, Array, Array
  16. A New Fangled Tango (from Happy Hunting)
    Harold Karr, Liliane Montevecchi, Array
  17. Dialogue:
    Dick Gallagher, John Yap, Liliane Montevecchi
  18. But Beautiful (from the Road to Rio)
    Array, Array, Liliane Montevecchi
  19. Ne Me Quitte Pas
    Array, Liliane Montevecchi, Rod McKuen
  20. I Don't Want to Know (from Dear World)
    Array, Liliane Montevecchi
  21. Dialogue:
    Dick Gallagher, John Yap, Liliane Montevecchi
  22. Folies Bergeres (from Nine)
    Liliane Montevecchi, Maury Yeston
  23. Bonsoir
    Liliane Montevecchi, Maury Yeston