Original London Cast Recording

Nunsense, Original London Cast Recording
CDJAY 1255

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Book Music and Lyrics by
Dan Coggin

Honor Blackman
Anna Sharkey
Pip Hinton
Louise Gold
Bronwin Stanway

Musical Direction by
Barry Bignold

Somewhere between The Nun Story, Once A Catholic and Follies there is a little show with a big heart called Nunsense.

It follows the plight of a bunch of well meaning nuns who find themselves needing to raise funds for a deadly earnest cause. They decide to do this by way of exercising their showbusiness aspirations. So clasping Rosaries and microphones, Sisters Mary, Robert!, Mary, Mary and Mary take to the stage.

The show received "Best Musical" Outer Critic Circle Awards in 1986 and stars Honour Blackman, who came to world wide fame as "Pussy Galore" in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger", in one of her rare musical theatre outings.

CD 1
  1. Nunsense Is Habit Forming
    Honor Blackman, Louise Gold, Anna Sharkey, Pip Hinton, Bronwen Stanway
  2. A Difficult Transition
  3. Benedicte
    Bronwen Stanway
  4. The Biggest Ain't The Best
    Pip Hinton, Bronwen Stanway
  5. Playing Second Fiddle
    Anna Sharkey, Honor Blackman
  6. So You Want To Be A Nun
    Louise Gold
  7. Turn Up The Spotlight
    Honor Blackman
  8. Lilacs Bring Back Memories
    Louise Gold, Honor Blackman, Pip Hinton, Bronwen Stanway
  9. Tackle That Temptation With A Time Step
    Honor Blackman, Louise Gold, Anna Sharkey, Pip Hinton, Bronwen Stanway
  10. Growing Up Catholic
    Anna Sharkey, Bronwen Stanway, Pip Hinton, Louise Gold
  11. We've Got To Clean Out The Freezer
    Honor Blackman, Louise Gold, Pip HInton, Anna Sharkey, Bronwen Stanway
  12. Just A Coupl'a Sisters
    Honor Blackman, Pip Hinton
  13. Soup's On (The Dying Nun Ballet)
    Bronwen Stanway
  14. I Just Want To Be A Star
    Anna Sharkey
  15. The Drive In
    Louise Gold, Anna Sharkey, Bronwen Stanway
  16. I Could Have Gone To Nashville
    Louise Gold
  17. Gloria In Excelsis Deo
  18. Holier Than Thou
    Pip Hinton, Company
  19. Nunsense Is Habit Forming (Reprise)