Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living In Paris

Original London Revival Cast

Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living In Paris, Original London Revival Cast
CDJAY2 1260 / CDTEM2 1231
CD1: 48'33''
CD2: 42'26''

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Music and Lyrics by
Jacques Brel

Production concept, English Lyrics, Additional material by
Eric Blau and Mort Shuman

Michael Cahill
Alison Egan
Liz Greenaway
Stuart Pendred

This popular popular cult revue uses Jacques Brel's wonderful songs was revived at The King’s Head Theatre in 1996 to great acclaim. This complete Cast Album is now the only recording of the show currently available in the CD catalogue anywhere in the world. It is also more complete that the Original off-Broadway Cast version, in that it contains the first recordings of the following songs:

Bachelor’s Dance, Girls And Dogs, Statue, The Bulls, Middle Class.

Other classic Jacques Brel songs included are:
Marathon, Alone, I Loved, Jackie, Sons Of, Amsterdam, Marieke, Brussels, Next and the "standard" , If We Only Have Love"

CD 1
  1. Overture
    Original 1995 London Cast, Ruth Alexander
  2. Marathon (Les Flamandes)
  3. Alone (Seul)
    Liz Greenaway
  4. Madeleine
  5. I Loved (J'Aimais)
    Liz Greenaway
  6. Mathilde
    Stuart Pendred
  7. Bachelor's Dance (La Douree Du Celibataire)
    Michael Cahill
  8. Timid Frieda (Les Timides)
    Alison Egan, Michael Cahill, Stuart Pendred
  9. My Death (La Mort)
    Liz Greenaway, Stuart Pendred
  10. Girls And Dogs
    Stuart Pendred, Michael Cahill
  11. Jackie (La Chason De Jacky)
    Stuart Pendred
  12. Statue
    Michael Cahill
  13. The Desperate Ones (Les Desperes)
  14. Sons Of ..... (Fils De ....)
    Liz Greenaway
  15. Amsterdam
    Stuart Pendred, Company
CD 2
  1. The Bulls (Les Toros)
    Michael Cahill, Company
  2. Old Folks (Les Vieux)
    Alison Egan, Company
  3. Marieke
    Liz Greenaway
  4. Brussels (Bruxelles)
  5. Fanette (La Fanette)
    Michael Cahill
  6. Funeral Tango (Tango Funebre)
    Stuart Pendred
  7. Middle Class
    Michael Cahill, Stuart Pendred
  8. You're Not Alone (Jef)
    Liz Greenaway
  9. Next (Au Suivant)
    Stuart Pendred, Company
  10. Carousel (La Valse A Mille Temps)
    Liz Greenway, Company
  11. If Only We Have Love (Quand On A Que L'amour)