Invade My Privacy

Original London Cast

Invade My Privacy, Original London Cast
CDTER 1202

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Howard Samuel’s ‘Invade My Privacy’ is a musical tribute to the work of the American poet and songwriter Fran Landesman.

Seen as ‘the poet laureate of lovers and losers’, Fran’s work spans generations, her songs have been covered by musicians including Barbera Streisand, Miles Davies, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Gil Evans, Keith Jarrett andRoberta Flack, whilst  she has written with and for many other artists including Dudley Moore, Georgie Fame, Roy Krall, John Simon and Bob Dorough.

This recording features the stage stars Jacqueline Dankworth, Lucy Dixon, Michelle Fine, Tina Jones alongside Howard Samuels himself.  It includes the now established jazz classic ‘Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most’ and‘The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men’, both songs from the ‘The Nervous Set’, the musical satire of the Beat Generation poets and artists that Fran wrote with Tommy Wolf and Jay Landesman

CD 1
  1. Overture
    The Band, The Band
  2. Am I OK?/Invade My Privacy
    Company, John Simon, Jason McAuliffe
  3. It's Nice Weather For Ducks
    Company, Tommy Wolf
  4. Find Me In Bed
    Jackie Dankworth, Alan Bence
  5. If They Can't Take A Joke
    Tina Jones, Jason McAuliffe
  6. I'm Getting Over You
    Michelle Fine, Jason McAuliffe
  7. Dirty Old Lady
    Howard Samuels, Jason McAuliffe
  8. Crown Of Thorns
    Tina Jones
  9. I Quite Like Men
    Jackie Dankworth
  10. Jumble Sale
    Michelle Fine
  11. Shoes
    Michelle Fine, Jason McAuliffe
  12. I Should Have Been Dancing
    Lucy Dixon, Jason McAuliffe
  13. The Argument/Home
    Howard Samuels, Jackie Dankworth, Lucy Dixon, Jason McAuliffe
  14. Mother
    Howard Samuels, Fran Landesman
  15. Do A Dance For Daddy
    Michelle Fine, Tina Jones, Jackie Dankworth, Jason McAuliffe
  16. A Brontosaurus Named Bert
    Jackie Dankworth, John Simons
  17. Inside Story
    Howard Samuels, Jackie Dankworth, Tina Jones, Michelle Fine, Jason McAuliffe
  18. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
    Company, Tommy Wolf
  19. If Food Didn't Make You Fat
    Tina Jones, Michelle Fine, Jackie Dankworth, Lucy Dixon, Jason McAuliffe
  20. Doner Kebabs
    Howard Samuels, Miles Landesman
  21. Come With Me
    Howard Samuels, Michelle Fine, Jason McAuliffe
  22. Burned
    Tina Jones, Geoff Driscoll
  23. Before Love Went Out Of Style
    Jackie Dankworth, Dudley Moore
  24. With All My Hats
    Jackie Dankworth, Alan Bence
  25. Poems To Eat/If/Semi Detached
    Lucy Dixon, Michelle Fine, Company, John Simon, Dave Brown
  26. Carolyn, Queen Of Lies/Eros Hotel
    Howard Samuels, Lucy Dixon, Bob Dorough
  27. Sunset Boulevard
    Tina Jones, Jason McAuliffe
  28. Queen Of Heaven
    Michelle Fine, Company, Miles Landesman
  29. Pearls In Your Oyster/Moon Of Tangiers
    Lucy Dixon, Company, Jason McAuliffe
  30. It's Nice That You're Still Here
    Howard Samuels, Steve Allen
  31. Happy New Year
    Jackie Dankworth
  32. Life Is A Bitch
    Jackie Dankworth, Company, Jason McAuliffe
  33. One Day At A Time
    Company, Jason McAuliffe
  34. The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men
    Company, Tommy Wolf