Hannah .... 1939

Original London Cast

Hannah .... 1939, Original London Cast
CDJAY 1344
CD1: 64'47''

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In memory of Stephen Milbank

A Musical Play by
Bob Merrill

Julie Wilson

Opened at the Vineyard Theatre, New York on May 4 1990.

Recorded at BMG Studios, New York on May 13 1992.

CD 1
  1. Did You Sleep Last Night?
    Julie Wilson, Company
  2. Ah Our Germans
    Julie Wilson, Leah Hocking, Lori Wilner, Company
  3. No Give, No Take
    Julie Wilson, Peter Frechette
  4. The Pearl We Called Prague
    Yusef Bulos, Patti Perkins, Company
  5. Martina
    Peter Frechette, Julie Wilson
  6. Pretty Things / Kissed On The Eyes
    Ann Talman, Peter Frechette, Julie Wilson
  7. Sew A Button
    Patti Perkins, Company
  8. Wear A Little Grin
  9. We Dance
    Leigh Beery, Neva Small
  10. Hannah Will Take Care Of You
    Julie Wilson, Yusef Bulos, Patti Perkins
  11. Radio Dance
  12. Learn About Life
    Ann Talman, Deidre Lovejoy, Patti Perkins
  13. Someday
    Lori Wilner, Company
  14. Gentle Afternoon
    Leigh Beery, Julie Wilson
  15. So Good To See You
    Ann Talman, Peter Frechette
  16. Who Is Hannah?
    Julie Wilson, Company
  17. Someday (Reprise)
    Lori Wilner, Company