Great Expectations

Original London Cast

Great Expectations, Original London Cast
CDTER 1209

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Darren Day found initial attention appearing with Bob Monkhouse on Opportunity Knocks, before, after five years with a career that spanned being a Butlins redcoat, doing stand-up comedy, and singing with bands, Day made his breakthrough as a singer and dancer in London's West End theatre, starring in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He then developed his career as a television presenter on programmes such asYou Bet!, and Don't Try This at Home! He also appeared in the first series of the reality television show I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! He finished third. Since then Darren has appeared in many touring stage musicals, including Summer HolidayGreaseThe Rocky Horror Show, and Hellbreeder.

Great Expectations The Musical continued the creative partnership between Mike Read (music/lyrics), previously better known as a Radio One DJ and later TV presenter (Saturday Superstore / Pop Quiz), and Christopher G Sandford (Adaptation). Their previous work had included Read’s musical ‘Oscar’ about Oscar Wilde and ‘A Christmas Carol’, another Dickens adaptation. The musical debuted at Theatr Clwd, Mold, in Wales, before touring and received great acclaim, both for the writing and it’s young star Darren Day.

Great Expectations is a curio for collector’s of musical theatre, shows another side of the well known Mike Read’s talents and is an early example of Darren Day’s great potential as a show star. It is also arguably, a hidden gem of British Musical Theatre awaiting rediscovery.

A Digital Dolby Surround Sound Recording.

CD 1
  1. Overture
  2. I Call Myself Pip
    Darren Day
  3. Watching the Days Go By
    Stephen Osborne
  4. All Little Boys Should Be Grateful
    Melanie Stace, Michael Vaughn, Nick Cavaliere, Victoria Pritchard
  5. The Best of Friends
    Chris Corcoran, Darren Day
  6. This Little Boy Should Be Grateful
    Michael Vaughn, Victoria Pritchard
  7. Break His Heart
    Darren Day, Elizabeth Renehan, Tamara Ustinov
  8. Questions and Answers
    John Summerfield, Mark Faith, Michael Vaughn, Victoria Pritchard
  9. Cobwebs and Cake
    Tamara Ustinov
  10. I Call Myself Pip (Reprise)
    Darren Day
  11. Estella
    Darren Day
  12. It's Wonderful
    Caroline Fitzgerald
  13. The Loneliest Night In the World
    Caroline Fitzgerald, Chris Corcoran, Company, Darren Day
  14. Great Expectations
    Company, Darren Day
  15. Jaggers
    Company, Nigel Williams
  16. Handel
    Alistair Petrie
  17. To Be a Gentleman
    Alistair Petrie, Darren Day, John Summerfield, Nick Cavaliere
  18. Behind the Mask
    Darren Day
  19. Heart of Stone
    Elizabeth Renehan
  20. Jaggers (Reprise)
    Company, Michael Vaughn
  21. A Theoretical Case
    Michael Vaughn, Nigel Williams
  22. The Loneliest Night In the World (Reprise)
    Darren Day
  23. It's Wonderful (Reprise)
    Caroline Fitzgerald
  24. We Are Each Other
    Darren Day, Elizabeth Renehan
  25. We Are Each Other (Pop Version)
    Darren Day, Elizabeth Renehan