Goblin Market

Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording

Goblin Market, Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording
CDJAY 1237
CD1: 46'30''

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Music by
Polly Pen

Lyrics by
Peggy Harman

Adapted from the Poem by
Christina Rosetti

Orchestrations by
James McElwain

Terri Klausner
Ann Morrison

Orchestra conducted by Jan Rosenberg

Goblin Market, an award-winning Off-Broadway Musical written by Polly Pen and Peggy Harmon, is based on a verse fairy tale by Christina Rossetti.

It is open to interpretation but has variously been perceived as a fairy tale for children, a religious allegory and an examination of Victorian sexuality and eroticism. At it’s emotional core, however, it is the story of a very real and intricate relationship between two sisters.

The authors have perfectly captured the dreamy tone, fantastic imagery and sexual aura of GOBLIN MARKET, which tells of two sisters who confront goblins in a haunted glen.

TERRI KLAUSNER, a one time Broadway "Evita" who made a strong impression several seasons ago in "Sophisticated Ladies" and "Anne Morrison", received unanimous praise for exceptional voices augmenting a melodically riveting and spell-binding score.


"Flawless… fascinating exquisite music and moving performances. It is sure to please anyone who wishes to spend an hour or so in the realms of the Victorian psyche." Frank Rich WKXR NY Times.

"In a class by itself. Magical performances, a fascinating piece." Douglas Watt. N.Y. Daily News

CD 1
  1. Come Buy, Come Buy
    Ann Morrison, Terri Klausner
  2. Overture
  3. We Must Not Look
    Ann Morrison, Terri Klausner
  4. Mouth So Charmful
    Terri Klausner, Ann Morrison
  5. Do You Not Remember Jeanie
    Terri Klausner, Ann Morrison
  6. Sleep, Laura, Sleep
    Ann Morrison
  7. The Sisters
    Terri Klausner, Ann Morrison
  8. Some There Are Who Never Venture
    Ann Morrison, Terri Klausner
  9. Mirage
    Terri Klausner
  10. Passing Away
    Ann Morrison, Terri Klausner
  11. Here They Come
    Terri Klausner, Ann Morrison
  12. Like A Lily
    Ann Morrison, Terri Klausner
  13. Lizzie, Lizzie, Have You Tasted
    Terri Klausner, Ann Morrison
  14. Two Sisters (Reprise)
    Ann Morrison, Terri Klausner
  15. Two Doves
    Terri Klausner, Ann Morrison
  16. Closing Music