Destry Rides Again

Original London Cast

Destry Rides Again, Original London Cast
CDJAY 1377
CD1: 46'01''

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Music and Lyrics by
Harold Rome

Book by
Leonard Gershe

Based on a story by
Max Brand

Alfred Molina
Jill Gascoine

CD 1
  1. Bottleneck
    Destry Company
  2. Ladies
    Destry Company, Jill Gascoine, Margaret Culbert, Nicola Blackman
  3. Hoop-De-Dingle
    Barrie Houghton, Destry Company
  4. Tomorrow Morning
    Alfred Molina
  5. Ballad of the Gun
    Alfred Molina, Barrie Houghton
  6. I Know Your Kind
    Jill Gascoine
  7. I Hate Him
    Jill Gascoine
  8. Anyone Would Love You
    Alfred Molina, Jill Gascoine
  9. Every Once In a While
    Destry Company
  10. Finale Act 1
    Destry Company
  11. Are You Ready Gyp Watson
    Destry Company
  12. Not Guilty
    Destry Company
  13. Only Time Will Tell
    Alfred Molina, Destry Company
  14. That Ring On the Finger
    Margaret Culbert, Nicola Blackman
  15. I Say Hello
    Jill Gascoine
  16. Finale Act 2
    Destry Company