Dance A Little Closer

Original Broadway Cast

Dance A Little Closer, Original Broadway Cast

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The musical is set on New Year's Eve "in the avoidable future" in the grand Alpine Barclay Palace Hotel, where the guests find themselves in the midst of a potential nuclear Armageddon. The characters are American singer Harry Aikens and Cynthia Brookfield-Bailey, who may have had a romantic fling years earlier. Among the others present are Cynthia's current paramour, Henry Kissinger-like diplomat Dr. Josef Winkler, a gay couple, a minister, and a freedom fighter.

The musical opened on Broadway at the Minskoff Theatre on May 11, 1983, where it closed after one performance and 25 previews. Directed by Lerner and choreographed by Billy Wilson, the cast included Len Cariou, Noel Craig, Liz Robertson, George Rose, Don Chastain, Brent Barrett, and Alyson Reed. Show business insiders dubbed it "Dance a Little Faster...Close a Little Sooner."

In his New York Times review Frank Rich described it as "a huge, extravagant mishmash...that seems to have taken on a rampaging, self-destructive life of its own," a sentiment similar to those expressed by the other critics.

  1. Overture
  2. It Never Would've Worked
    Harry and The Delights
  3. Happy, Happy New Year
    Harry, The Delights and Guests
  4. No Man Is Worth It
  5. What Are You Going to Do About It?
    Harry and Holloway
  6. Woman Who Thinks I'm Wonderful
  7. Pas de Deux | There's Never Been Anything Like Us
  8. Another Life
  9. Why Can't the World Go and Leave Us Alone?
    Charles and Edward
  10. He Always Comes Home to Me
    Cynthia and Harry
  11. I Got a New Girl
    Harry and The Delights
  12. Dance a Little Closer
    Cynthia and Guests
  13. There's Always One You Can't Forget
    Harry and The Delights
  14. Entr'acte | Homesick
    Orchestra | Shirley, Bebe, Elaine
  15. Mad
    Harry and The Delights
  16. I Don't Know | Anyone Who Loves
    Harry, Boyle, The Contessa
  17. Auf Wiedersein
  18. I Never Want to See You Again
  19. On Top of the World
  20. Finale
    Harry, Cynthia and Company