Cinderella (Original London Cast)

Rodgers and Hammerstein

Cinderella (Original London Cast), Rodgers and Hammerstein
DDJAY 8032
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Finally, after years of working on finding a way to Digitally ReMix two tracks Master recordings, JAY and its team of Engineers have pioneered a system to successfully Digitally ReMix from existing two track Master Recordings.  This is completely different from the process of just transferring the two track Master Recordings Digitally on to CDs or Downloads.   We at JAY are actually ReMixing the voices and the orchestra of those two track Master recordings using our exciting and exclusive DigiMIX system.


Kenneth Williams   Ted Durante   Betty Marsden   Yana
Tommy Steele   Bruce Trent   Graham Squire   Jimmy Edwards
Robin Palmer   Enid Lowe   Godfrey James   Prudence Rodney   Tom Merrifield

The Bill Shepherd Singers

The magic of true Christmas pantomime swept into the West End last night with the sumptuous and beautiful "Cinderella' that I should think London has ever seen."  So wrote Felx Barker in the Evening News after the sensational first night of Harold Fielding's London Coliseum production.  Universally hailed as the most beautiful of pantomimes to look at, it has also been acclaimed as the most melodious to listen to, for instead of the usual miscellaneous collection of tunes from here, there, everywhere, this show has a magnificent score from the pens of the century's greastest song writers -- Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.  Now the score has been catputered on record for all to enjoy... a shows which Harold Hobson in the Sunday Times described as "the best thing of it's kind I have seen."

  1. Overture
  2. In My Own Little Corner
  3. A Very Special Day
    Tommy Steele
  4. Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?
    Bruce Trent, Yana
  5. The Prince Is Giving A Ball
    Robin Palmer and Chorus
  6. Marriage Type Love
    Tommy Steele
  7. Stepsisters' Lament
    Kenneth Williams, Ted Durant
  8. Your Majesties, A List of Bare Necessities
    Jimmy Edwards, Enid Lowe and Chorus
  9. When You're Driving Through The Moonlight... A Lovely Night
    Yana and Tommy Steele
  10. A Lovely Night (reprise)
  11. Impossible
    Yana and Betty Marsden
  12. No Other Love
    Bruce Trent and Chorus
  13. Ten Minutes Ago
    Yana and Bruce Trent
  14. You and Me (word and Music by Tommy Steele)
    Tommy Steele and Jimmy Edwards
  15. Finale