Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales
CDTER 1076

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Canterbury Tales is a musical conceived by Martin Starkie and written by Nevill Coghill and Martin Starkie with music by John Hawkins and Richard Hill. Originally presented at the Oxford Playhouse in 1964, it was expanded into a full-length musical and presented at the Phoenix Theatre, London on 21 March 1968, with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton attending the premiere. It played for a record-breaking 2080 performances and closed on 24 March 1973.

Lovingly DigiMIXED to modernise as much as possible and here for the first time ever on CD.

  1. Overture
  2. Chaucer's Prologue / Songs of Welcome
    Martin Starkie
  3. Good Night Hymn
    Wilfred Brambell, Pamela Charles, John Rutland
  4. Canterbury Day
    Wilfred Brambell, Pamela Charles, John Rutland
  5. I Have A Noble Cock
    Nicky Henson
  6. Darling, Let Me Teach You How To Kiss
    Billy Boyle
  7. Nicholas and Alison's Love Duet
    Nicky Henson, Gay Soper, Wilfred Brambell
  8. Some Call It Love
    Wilfred Brambell
  9. Chanticleer and Pertelote Duet
    Wilfred Brambell, Pamela Charles, John Rutland
  10. Chanticleer, Pertelote, Fox Trio
    Wilfred Brambell, Pamela Charles, John Rutland
  11. Fill Your Glass
    Kenneth J Warren, Nancy Nevinson, Gay Soper
  12. Pilgrim's Riding Music
    Orchestra of The Canterbury Tales
  13. Come On And Marry Me, Honey
    Jessie Evans
  14. When I Was A Boy
    Kenneth J Warren, Wilfrid Bramble
  15. Where Are The Girls of Yesterday?
    Wilfrid Bramble, Nicky Henson, Gay Soper
  16. If She Has Never Loved Before
    Wilfrid Bramble, Daniel Thorndike, John Rutland
  17. I Give My Love a Ring
    Nicky Henson, Gay Soper
  18. Chaucer’s Speech
    Martin Starkie, Nicky Henson
  19. I Am Forever Dated
  20. Opening Of the Wife of Bath’s Tale / What Do Women Most Desire?
  21. April Song
  22. The Arrival at Canterbury / Love Will Conquer All / Chaucer Epiloge / Finale