Original 1982 London Cast

Camelot, Original 1982 London Cast
CDJAY 1295
CD1: 60'12''

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Book and Lyrics by

Music by

Based on 'The Once and Future King' by

Richard Harris
Fiona Fullerton
Robert Meadmore
Michael Howe
William Squire
Robin Bailey

First opened on Broadway in 1960, this show ran for nearly 900 performances and gained acclaim immediately as a hit show with such comments as John Chapman from the Daily News ..." Camelot is magnificent. It's songs are lovely and unfailingly right".

The Show really came to world-wide renown with the 1967 Hollywood Movie starring Richard Harris in the role of King Arthur. Harris made this role his own and makes the JAY recording a must with his unique voice and presence creating a definitive interpretation that few others could achieve.

This cast recording brings Camelot to life and this CD offers the only digital recording of Richard Harris in his portrayal of King Arthur.

CD 1
  1. Overture / Prologue
  2. I Wonder What The King Is Doing Tonight?
    Richard Harris
  3. The Simple Joys Of Maidenhood
    Fiona Fullerton
  4. Camelot
    Richard Harris, Fiona Fullerton
  5. Follow Me
    Claire Moore, William Squire
  6. C'est Moi
    Robert Meadmore
  7. The Lusty Month Of May
    Fiona Fullerton, Company
  8. How To Handle A Woman
    Richard Harris
  9. The Joust
    Richard Harris, Fiona Fullerton, Company
  10. Before I Gaze At You Again
    Fiona Fullerton
  11. Resolution (Finale Act One)
    Richard Harris
  12. Entr'acte / Madrigal
    Robert Meadmore
  13. If Ever I Would Leave You
    Robert Meadmore
  14. The Seven Deadly Virtues
    Michael Howe
  15. Fie On Goodness
    Michael Howe, Men
  16. What Do The Simple Folks Do?
    Richard Harris, Fiona Fullerton
  17. I Loved You Once In Silence
    Fiona Fullerton
  18. Guenevere
    Richard Harris, Company
  19. Finale Act Two
    Richard Harris, Robin Bailey, Darren Rheault, Company