Amahl and The Night Visitors (REMASTERED)

The Royal Opera House Covent Garden

Amahl and The Night Visitors (REMASTERED), The Royal Opera House Covent Garden
CDJAY 1449

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Fully rematered and extended by 8 tracks.  This perenially popular recording of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden of Amahl and The Night Visitors has been given a fresh mix using modern mixing methods and technology to bring the sound right up to todays quality.  Recording in the presence of Gian Carlo Menotti himself, this is a recording without peer.


Music and Libretto by
Gian-Carlo Menotti

This is the only STEREO as well as being a DIGITAL recording currently available of the beloved classic Children's Opera, Amahl And The Night Visitors. The only other version available is the old 1950 TV soundtrack Mono recording. This recording is authenticated by the fact that it was recorded in the presence of the composer, Gian-Carlo Menotti with the cast and orchestra of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden from a production directed by him.

Child sensation, James Rainbird sings the role of Amahl and American Soprano star, Lorna Haywood sings his mother. They are supported by British Opera stars, John DobsonDonald Maxwell and Curtis Watson as well as the chorus and orchestra of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Amahl is the touching and charming story of a poor crippled boy who met with the three wise men and followed them to pay homage to the baby Christ. In doing so, a miracle happens and the boy was cured.

Every year at Christmas, there are hundreds of productions of Gian-Carlo's masterpiece and children throughout the world are captivated by the wonderful music. This CD will no doubt appeal to all those who have been exposed by its charm and magic.

  1. Prelude / Opening
  2. Amahl! Amahl!
  3. What Was Keeping You Outside
  4. Don't Cry Mother Dear
  5. From far Away We Come
  6. Amahl, Go See Who's Knocking
  7. Good Evening
  8. March
  9. It's Nice Here
  10. I Was a Shepherd
  11. This Is My Box
  12. Amahl, I Told You Not to Be a Nuisance
  13. Have You Seen A Child
  14. Shepherds, Shepherds
  15. Don't Be Bashful
  16. Dance
  17. Thank You Good Friends
  18. All That Gold
  19. Thief! Thief!
  20. Oh Woman, You May Keep the Gold
  21. I Walk Mother
  22. Look Mother, I Can Dance
  23. What To Do With Your Crutch
  24. Shepherds Arise