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The Most Happy Fella
First Complete Recording - 3 CD set with full libretto
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Music Lyrics and Libretto by
Frank Loesser

Louis Quilico (In his last ever recording)
Emily Loesser
Richard Muenz
Nancy Shade
Don Stephenson
Karen Ziemba

and Special Guest
Jo Sullivan Loesser

The National Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by
John Owen Edwards

There are three Opera masterpieces from Broadway, George Gershwin's PORGY AND BESS, Kurt Weill's STREET SCENE and Frank Loesser's THE MOST HAPPY FELLA. JAY Records are proud to add the second to it's proposed complete recordings of the trilogy.

As with STREET SCENE (CDJAY2 1232), this recording of THE MOST HAPPY FELLA is absolutely complete. Not only complete but it includes over 30 minutes of cut material not previously heard. The reason for the cut was that the original actress who sang the role of Marie could not sing the music, but with the great opera/musical star, Nancy Shade who sings the role on JAY's complete recording, the glorious music have been recorded to stunning perfection for the first time.

Opera legend Louis Quilico, recognised as one of the world's greatest Rigolettos takes on the taxing lead role of Tony, one which he sang to great acclaim at the New York City Opera a few years back. When the original production first opened on Broadway, Mrs. Loesser (Jo Sullivan) sang the role of Rosabella and now over 45 years later, her daughter, the Broadway star Emily Loesser takes on the same role for the recording. This all star cast recording includes Tony award winners as Karen Ziemba (currently wowing them on Broadway with the smash hit, CONTACT), Richard Muenz and Don Stephenson (currently starring in the Broadway bound revival of FINIAN'S RAINBOW). John Owen Edwards conducted The National Symphony Orchestra.

Although it's sung through (almost), the score is jam packed with hit songs such as STANDING ON THE CORNER, JOEY JOEY JOEY, BIG D, MY HEART IS SO FULL OF YOU, SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE, HAPPY TO MAKE YOUR ACQUAINTENCE, WARM ALL OVER, ROSABELLA amongst others.

Recorded in Digital Dolby Surround Sound at Abbey Road Studios in London and Clinton Studios in New York.


spacerCD ONE
[1] Overture Orchestra 3'13"
[2] Scene: Thank you … Cashier, Cleo, Rosabella 0'28"
[3] Ooh! My Feet! Cleo 2'24"
[4] Scene: Hey, where's what's her name?…Cashier, Rosabella, Cleo 0'30"
[5] I Know How It is Cleo, Rosabella 1'15"
[6] Scene: It's Jewelry… Rosabella, Cleo 0'32"
[7] My Dear Rosabella rosabella, Cleo 1'16"
[8] I Don't Know Noting About You Rosabella, Cleo 0'42"
[9] Scene: Yeah! I live on my grape ranch … Cleo, rosabella, Waitresses 1'15"
[10] Maybe He's Kind-a Crazy rosabella, Cleo 0'45"
[11] Somebody, Somewhere Rosabella 2'23"
[12] The Most Happy Fella Postman, Tony, Townspeople 3'39"
[13] Scene: Oh, hallo, Marie … Tony, Marie, Woman 0'34"
[14] I Don't Know Nothing About Her Tony, Marie, 1'59"
[15] Scene: Hi, Boss…. Herman, Tony, Al, Clem, Jake 0'49"
[16] Standing On The Corner Herman, Al, Clem, Jake 2'48"
[17] Scene: All right. Break it up … Sheriff, Joe, tony 0'59"
[18] Joey, Joey, Joey Joe 3'18"
[19] Scene: Hey, Tony what's the Italian … Joe, Tony 0'21"
[20] Soon You gonna Leave Me, Joe Tony, Joe 1'48"
[21] Rosabella tony 2'23"
[22] Opening Act One Scene Three: Electrician 0'31"
[23] Abbondanza Giuseppe, Ciccio, Pasquale 1'43"
[24] Scene: And this is Tony's barn… Country Girl, City Boy, Farmer, Woman,
Little Girl, Tony 1'15"
[25] Plenty Bambini Tony, Priest 2'13"
[26] Scene: Hey! Boss! I just saw the yard … Joe, tony, Pasquale 0'45"
[27] Sposalizio Giuseppe, Ciccio, Pasquale, Townspeople 3'54"
[28] Scene: Bocci ball anybody?… Men, Doc, City Boy, Country Girl 0'35"
[29] Scene: Well, here we are… Postman 0'46"
[30] I Seen Her At The Station Postman, Joe, Rosabella 1'00"
[31] Benvenuta Giuseppe, Ciccio, Pasquale 3'11"
[32] Scene: It's very lovely … rosabella, Little Girl 0'22"
[33] Such Friendly Faces rosabella, Joe 2'47"
[34] Scene: Well, thank you very much … Rosabella, Joe, Giuseppe, Marie, Pasquale, Little Girl, Townspeople 2'14"
[35] No Home, No Job rosabella 0'38"
[36] Scene: Step back everybody… Doc, Rosabella, Tony,
[37] Don't Cry Joe, Rosabella 4'15"
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Company, George Lee Andrews & Louis Quilico - The Most Happy Fella (Original Studio Cast) [Soundtrack from the Musical] - The Most Happy Fella


spacerCD TWO    

[1] Prelude Orchestra 1'10"
[2] Fresno Beauties Part One Vineyard Workers 1'58"
[3] Cold And Dead Joe, Rosabella 1'0"
[4] Fresno Beauties Part Two Vineyard Workers 0'52"
[5] Scene: Ma che brutta sorte! … Tony, Doc, Biddies 0'50"
[6] Love And Kindness doc, tony 2'00"
[7] Scene: Hey! You mad at me?… Tony, rosabella 0'33"
[8] Happy To Make Your Acquaintance Rosabella, tony, Cleo, Marie 3'22"
[9] Scene: Oh, Marie … Tony, Cleo, Marie 0'51"
[10] Happy To Make Your Acquaintance Reprise Rosabella, Tony 0'35"
[11] I Don't Like This Dame Marie, Cleo, workers 2'01"
[12] Big D Herman, Cleo, Vineyard Workers 5'15"
[13] How Beautiful The Days Tony, Rosabella, Marie, Joe 3'37"
[14] Scene Three Opening Orchestra 1'44"
[15] Scene: Just look at 'em… Marie, tony 0'22"
[16] Young People Marie, Tony 1'27"
[17] Warm All Over rosabella 2'31"
[18] Old People Gotta Sit Dere An' Die Tony 1'33"
[19] Scene: Now you've got to look out for this label glue… Herman, Cleo 2'07"
[20] Scene: Oh, hello, Pasquale… Herman, Pasquale, Cleo 0'41"
[21] I Like Ev'rybody Cleo, Herman 1'26"
[22] Scene Five Opening Orchestra 0'58"
[23] Scene: Isn't it wonderful?… Cleo, rosabella 0'14"
[24] I Love Him Rosabella, Cleo 1'19"
[25] Scene: Easy now…Doc, Tony 0'36"
[26] Like A Woman Loves A Man Rosabella, Tony 1'54"
[27] My Heart Is So Full of You Tony, Rosabella 2'53"
[28] Scene: Hey, paesan!… Tony, Company 0'19"
[29] Hoedown Hoedown Caller, Company, Orchestra 1'30"
[30] Scene: rosabella! Wahat's-a matter? Tony, Cleo, Doc


spacerCD THREE    
[1] Prelude Orchestra 0'27"
[2] Abbondanza Reprise Pasquale, Giuseppe, Cicci 1'30"
[3] Scene: Fellas? Hey, fellas… Pasquale, Giuseppe, Ciccio, Herman, Cleo 1'11"
[4] I Like Everybody Cleo, Herman 3'08"
[5] Scene: Folks! Before the party begins… Doc, Townspeople 0'45"
[6] Song of a Summer Night Doc, Townspeople 2'50"
[7] Scene: Carissima! What's-a matter … Tony, Rosabella 1'44"
[8] Please Let Me Tell You Rosabella 2'04"
[9] Scene: Ma che c'e? Tony, Pasquale 1'11"
[10] Scene: So you're finally getting' out of town… Al, Clem, Jake, Joe,
Brakeman, Cleo, Bus Driver, Boys, Tony 2'36"
[11] She Gonna Come Home Wit' Me Tony, Marie, Cleo 5'34"
[12] I Made A Fist Herman, Cleo 1'09"
[13] Scene: He's gonna be Tony's bambino … Tony, Rosabella 2'08"
[14] I Canno' Leave You Money Tony, Rosabella 1'21"
[15] Finale Tony, Rosabella, Company 1'23"
[16] Exit Music Orchestra 3'47"
[17] House And Garden Rosabella, Cleo 2'41"
[18] Tony And Marie Duet / Nobody's Gonna Love You Like I Love You
Marie, Tony 5'57"
[19] Eyes Like A Stranger Marie 3'26"
[20] Is It Fair?/ Warm All Over/Old People Gotta Sit Dere An'Die
Marie, Rosabella, Tony 6'19"
[21] I'll Buy Everybody A Beer Doc, Townspeople 1'39"
[22] Wanting To Be Wanted Jo Sullivan Loesser 1'59"

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